Helmets Save lives, dogs on landings don’t!

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What a week! 

Good Friday my brother came down for Rossland for family easter. Friday we planned to go somewhere to bike but weather kept us here in Lethbridge. We were out riding with some friends hitting all the usual trails. On our way over to the uni trail, we stopped at dead fall to play around on the jumps and drops. My brother and I were hitting the fun little drop that has been there forever. I hit it once then our friend wanted to take some photos of my brother and I hitting the drop. After my brother hit it, I got the clear to go and started pedaling towards the drop and at the last possible second, I noticed my friends dog was sitting on the landing. I slammed on my breaks and slid off the end of the drop and took the hole fall straight to my head on the back side of the landing. 

I thank IXS trail helmet for saving my life, I hit so hard I damaged my back. While in the ER after X-rays, CT scan and 5 hours later I got the clear that I didn’t break anything in my back just royally messed it up.



2016 Recap!

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Wow what a year, it started off rough starting in September 2015. Being laid off, then my Dad had a heart attack, and finally my 11 relationship changing and ending. (this was a good thing for both of us). Then 2016 rolled in and everything changed! 

I was riding as an ambassador for Giant Bicycles, Swagman Racks, Ever Rider Wheels. I got an awesome new job doing marketing and helping people, and I got to plan a bike trip out to Whistler, Bought a 14 foot 1976 camping trailer to drag to ski hills in the summer to ride bikes and have a great sleep.

So to say the least I got to do lots of riding with my 2 new bikes, rode in some new places and road new trails in old places. 2016 has been a great year once it got started in march for me. I can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring.

With my new job, I got to go hiking for work and be in the outdoors doing what I love just being in the mountains. If it’s biking, camping, hiking and pretty much anything in the outdoors. 

Here is photos and videos to recap my 2016  


Location: Crownest Pass

Trail: School of Rock

This image was bought of me from Ever Rider and used in the Vegas interbike sales booth this fall.



Location: Crowsnest Pass

Trail: Super Trooper