Strobis Gear

If you know me at all about a month and a bit ago I had a large amount of my camera gear stolen. It sucked, heaving some one break into your car and take all your camera gear that you have been accumulating for over 10 years sucks.

Strobis what is strobist ? here is a link to there site To make is short it is off camera lighting with minimal gear mainly with speed lights.

I started out using a Nikon D200 with a Nikon SB200 with Nikons Creative Lighting System. It works well but has it glitches. Then I bought some cactus triggers. They worked about 70% of the time. I up graded by using a friend pocket wizards. They are the stander in off camera lighting and they work really well  but the down side in my opinion is they are big in size and big in price on average about $200+ each and you need 2 to fire one flash. Then I was ready to buy some wireless triggers myself. I didn’t want to buy wizards due to the big price tag and if you know me at all I am frugal I want the best bang for my buck. So I found Paul C Buff Cyber Syncs. Great price and awesome reviews. So went online and bought them to fire my 2 Nikon SB-800 and 2 SB-600’s. When I got them they worked awesome I had them for about 6 years with no problems whats so ever and I beat the crap out of them.

Now like I said my stuff got stolen. Do i buy Cyber Syncs again or find something new. I am trying to simplify my gear and lighten up my load. So what is out there? Yongnuo YN-560III Speed light’s with Yongnuo RF-603II Radio remotes. I got 3 Speed lights and 2 radio remotes off ebay for $272.34 shipped to my door. I could not buy on Nikon SB-900 flash for that.

So why the Japanese Speed lights and Radio Triggers . 1. price, your cant beat that 2. they work, i got to try and use this flash system in California while shooting with a clothing company. 3. your wires, turn the flashes one set them to wireless slide the radio on your camera and fire away. no cables no fuss.

I have not taken photos yet with my new speed light system but from the photo shoot in California so I know it works.

One thing I found out is that I can remotely fire my shutter with firing my Speed lights. This is something I tired to do with my Cyber Syncs and it never worked they way I wanted.

So my final conciliation By this flash and remote system. You wont be sorry. Once I have some time to shoot I will post my photos.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4