OMG I went OM-D

When I was shooting weddings every weekend I had a Nikon D700 and A Nikon D7000. Hand in had awesome cameras. The needs changed when I left the full time photographer roll to work a 9-5 and have more time for myself and my family. I switched to smaller lighter(ish) cameras to shoot video and photo at the flick of a switch. Rocking a D7100 and  a D7000. Things were lighter kinda. Getting back to my roots of action sport photography I needed a light fast kit. When I left home and my jeep I left behind all my flashes lens and kept things simple. Nikon D7100 no grip, Sigma 18-35 1.8, Bower 8mm 3.8,YN-560 III, and a RF-603 NII. This was minimal and I shot some awesome stuff without breaking my back while riding or hiking. Then February  happened. This Olympus OM-D eM5 MKII came out. I have been looking for a smaller rangefinder type camera for a better part of a year now. Nothing had really fast flash Sync speeds, video performance 1080/720 @ 60p.

M43 or Micro 4/3’s is a small sensor but bigger than a point and shoot camera.

This is the Olympus OM-D M5 MK II. with the Olympus 12-40 2.8 Pro Lens Dust and Splash Proof.


What sold me on this system was the 5 axis IS. Check out this video all hand held.


So I will now shed weight and size but not performance.

16.1mp is not the best but I have shot on a Nikon D2H that was only 4 mp and a Canon Rebel that was only 6mp. I am not a pixel snob but… the M5 MKII can shoot a 40mp image so there is that.

I was really worried that my YONGNUO RF-603 NII would not work, but there is a small hack for it and they work great I have seen online people syncing to almost 1/350th.

To the kit

OM-D M5 mkII with grip

OM-D M5 with grip (mainly used for just photos)

M.Zuiko ED 12-40 2.8 pro (24-80 equivalent)

M.Zuiko ED 40-150 2.8 pro (80-300 equivalent)

Rokinon 7.5 3.5 (15mm equivalent)

All my flash work with this camera so my lighting kit will work. It’s funny though my flashes are bigger than the camer.

With me shooting a few weddings this year and quite a bit of action sport photo and video and the stuff I shoot for work this system is great for me needs now. And its all new gear who can say no to new toys.

Here is my Nikon D7100 with no grip with the sigma 18-35 1.8 to the left and to the right is the EM5-MK2 with the M.Zuiko 12-40 2.8. I am very happy with the size difference.



I will have some photo out once Camera RAW updates to the new cameras that have come out.

Rant done,





Recap of 2014

Being a Photographer and making my living doing it from 2007 till the middle of 2012 makes it strange to look back at the last 2 years and notice I have only picked up my camera because I wanted to not because I had too. Inspired by my friend Justin Blog post HERE. Here is my 2014.


 The Year started in March shooting some Promo photos for my Good Friend Rob Parsons. If you don’t know that name you should. I grew up BMXing and causing shenanigans with him. I few years ago he was Paralyzed in t MTX accident. He has now made a hand operated drift car and is doing awesome things. Se his store HERE 



 Rob also in March revealed his car on his birthday. It was great to see everyone involved in the project



  I was Asked to Photography my friend Jakes wedding. His wedding was the most unique and laidback wedding I have ever been to. I wish all the Wedding I shot were this easy.

1405Jake &Kendel_April_3


My Childhood friend Josh whom I have know since grad 2. Came down from Grand Prairie for their Maternity session. It is crazy seeing all my friends getting Married and starting Families.

1273Josh_ emlily_April_11


I was asked to Shoot a fashion show for charity. It was Pretty fun. I forgot how fast paced runway shows are.

1807Fashion show_April_12


 I was able to find some time to work with a new Model to Lethbridge Jaden.It was great to shoot some Glamour/Fashion Photos again. I hope I can do more in 2015 .



The road to Rossland for May long weekend. For the past few years I head to Rossland to visit my Brother and ride bike. I had some time to stop off at Lundbreck Falls. There was lot of flooding going on this year. The falls were crazy!



I was honored to be asked to come along on a world wind of a trip to LA and Palm Springs. We crammed about 6 shoots into 48 hours. I am so glad I was able to go. I would love to head down there again to do some more sightseeing and hit up Disney land again. And spend more than a hour on Venice Beach.



 I was honoured to be asked to shoot Hair Fashion photos for my Friend Kim. I know she did really well in the competition.

0963Kim Coady july 17


It’s always fun to be part of Bert & Mac’s Sports Demos Days. They always put on a great show.

2326Demo Days_May_31

Madison is a friend of my wifes and I worked with here at Bert & Mac’s. She graduated in 2014 and asked me to take her grad photos.

3966Madison grad 2

2494Madison grad 1


For the last few season I have been shooting photos for Fernie whenever I go there. It was a great year for riding.

7103003Melissa Fernie_july 17103262fernie  july 20

7103092Aubz july 6

 This was my 3rd season riding Silver Star Bike park. Hands down it is the best Hill I have been to for Biking.

7103292silver star


For the last 2 years I have been assisting a old College friend with weddings. I got to photograph this wonderful couple in Invermere on Canada day Long weekend.

7102907Invermier wedding_june 30


My Brother out in Rossland BC always puts on a great Dirt Jump event. Here is the video I shot as well.

4522huck en berries


 My College friend Matt’s getting Married. He asked me to do a small Engagement shoot for them. I can’t wait for their wedding.

6244tremel e session

 I got to shoot some photos for hoonigan Clothing.

5110hoonagan sept


My Friend Danielle got a new awesome job with a custom home builder. I can’t wait to join the team.



I made some great photos for the new menus for Ric’s Grill this year


rics grill

My Wife and I hiked up to wall lake in waterton. It was great to have some time to ourselves away from our busy lives.

7103327wall lake aug


And that is a wrap. 2014 was a year of building my life up and moving forward to Bigger and better things. 2015 should be pretty awesome.

6895table top



Pricing your Self

I have been asked lately from people starting to take on portrait photography as a paid services. I have been been a paid photographer since 2006. Many people are un clear how to price them selves as photographer.


First are you doing it as a full time job or doing it part or just on your free time.

Full time photographer:

you need to figure out are you going to work from home or run out of a office space/studio space.  Once that is figured out how, much is your rent, utilities, taxes, health care, advertising, website fees, and the list keeps going on and on for all the expense.

Now how much do you want want to make to pay your personal bills, walk around money, savings and so on. I figured out your self would $100/hr and your business then needs to make some money. Once you figure out all your expensis it’s usually works out to be $200-$250/hr or shoot for around $1500 a week.


Part time:

If you have a full time job and looking to shoot some photos to make some money on the side. Take your regulars hourly wage and double or triple it depending on how good of a photographer you are. Then figure out what you can write off in your house register your business so you can benefit from have your own part time business and figure out your city’s bruise sis licenses.  Don’t be cheap you are still doing people a professional service so do a professional job at a professional rate.


I no longer shoot photos full time. Have my Rates changed yes, are they under cutting studios? No. My new clients are now just hiring me and my gear. I don’t have a studio, I have slimed my gear down, and all my expense are less now due to I don’t do this full time. I still have taxes to pay on the money I make, I still have insurance and I still have to keep the gear I own in working order to do the job that I am hired to do. My Hourly rate is anywhere from $25/hr to $100/hr depending on the job and what I am all doing.


Don’t sell your self short. Get paid for a service you are providing. If the person companies about your rate as them to do their job for a fraction of the price. We all need to get paid to live in this world So get paid what your worth.



Would you do your job for free?

ISO FOTO Studios offer services. Photography, Web Design, Videography. These services cost money to make. Here is the break down of and 1-2 hour photo shoot.



Days before the shoot. (1-3 hours of my time)

-Emails, phone calls to organize the shoot (cost of internet, and cell phone)

-Driving around to find location (gas, insurance, car maintenance)

-Charging batteries, cleaning gear (cost of batteries and the gear)



Day of shoot (1-3 hours of our time)

-Travel to shoot location (gas, insurance, car maintenance)

-Photo Time! (cost of the wear and tar on all my photography gear)



Photo shoot done (2-6 hours of my time)

-Drive back to my home office (gas, insurance, car maintenance)

-Upload photos (Computer, card reader, Hard drives, software ect.)

-Selecting the best ones (Computer, card reader, Hard drives, software ect.)

-Editing (Computer, card reader, Hard drives, software ect.)

-Online viewing/ordering (web software, online storage, website)

-Deliver Digital ( Cost of disk, or online storage to download from)

-print deliver 9cost of prints, postage or vehicle expense)


Everything done backup to office site location or archive (Computer and software of site storage cost)


if I were to have non of the equipment to do what I do and was asked to produce a photo shoot to pay for everything I would need to produce just one professional photo it would cost thousands  of dollars to do so.


So next time you ask someone that is doing a service to work for you, stop and think I wonder home much it cost for them to give me the service I am asking for.


I didn’t get everything I own for free I worked hard to have the things to do the job I do. If My service did not cost me anything to produce then it would not cost you anything to receive.


Just take a second and think to your self what if I was asked to do the job I do everyday for free or little money, Would you still do it?  I don’t think you would so why should I or anyone else.


My time and tallent start at $100 a hour, prints start at $40, and finally digital rights start at $200 or single images at $60 each. My pricing is fair.

To write this Blog it just cost me money. My computer, My web hosting, software, interent, and electricity.

I have been in the industry for over 9 years now. I don’t need to take a photo for my portfolio I have 142634 photos on my hard drive right now and that is not including any of the photos that are archived off my computer from prior years.


Photographers and Our Ego’s

Now a days photographer’s are thinking of new ways to be different, Unique, and ground breaking. But at the end of the day some might have done something the same, same style, look, or just a bit different. At the end of the day its what WE do to sell our self to be different. We get inspired by other photographers, designers, nature, the human body, ect  to do something that me might have not thought about and try to recreate it in a way that we shoot and our style.
DROP your EGO, all photographers have one big or small, its just who we are. Our egos/personalities is what sells our work. Don’t go around puffing up your chest when you see other photographers come around because guess what they might know something you don’t. You might even learn a thing or 2 from someone else.
This has always been the way I have seen other photographers. I act humble and really just my self with a few walls up because trust is gained, and I talk to them and hopefully learn something, and hope they learn something from me.
All in All there is no MVP, Super Star, or #1 in the photographer world because when you turn around that corner there is some one that might do something different then you, that clients like more then what you are doing. It’s life. Why do you think there are some many clothing companies, Car dealers, Drinks, Computers, Cameras they all does the same thing just doing it in a different way.
Do what you do and keep the drama out of it Were all just taking/making Pictures. Just find the client that likes you and your work, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. If were all making a living then were doing something right, Right?

Under Selling your Self as a Photographer.

The Photography industry is seeing this more and more fly by night photographers now that DSLR’s are becoming cheaper. But this just blows my mind how some people are under cutting the industry. I have talked to people about this before about the $500 Wedding Photographer but this is just crazy. I just don’t know what to say to this $7/hr to shoot photo’s and give the client the images over email or D/L them to their computer ? What is minimum wage now $9-$10 ? your selling your self short and making the photography industry look bad. If this is what you want to do for a living and your Passionate do it right, Don’t sell your self short. If your worth $7/hr you mite as well shot for nothing and just be a hobby photographer.


Over the Years

Work Smart NOT Hard

I have been working for a Professional Photography studio for the past 3 years and the last year of that I have being the owner. With working for some else I never though much about the little, big things that go on that I brushed off as employee.

It has been a year now with me working for myself and I have loved every moment of it. Everything is rewarding. But it has opened my eyes a lot in the past few months ever since I got back from my summer holidays.

When I took over the studio I wanted to have a community of friend/photographer that we go hang out all the time take photos collaborate on shoots, learn new things, and so on. There is nothing wrong with that at all. But if you finds your self doing that all the time you mite as well close your doors and just shoot photos as a hobbyist or get a fulltime 9-5 and shoot on the weekends because most collaboration only benefit your mind not your wallet or your businesses bank account.  I love the though of collaborating working with other photographers, different shoots, new Clients, and so on but if it only really benefits the photographer that set everything up what’s the point? At the end of day I love my Job, Career, Lifestyle, and everything Photography bring to the table. But I have stepped up to the plate bought a business, paid my due to the city and my clients, with that said you can’t shoot for free. This will just ruin the industry.  Figure out what you are worth as an Artist/business person. NOT a Photographer, why do I say this? Because of the digital age of camera’s every one thinks they are a photographer and will do work for free or a few hundred and give you the disk of uncorrected, Un-sharp, overexposed, underexposed, grainy/noise, shot on full auto let the camera do all the work images. An take your money and run, if you don’t like what they gave to you to bad you paid $200 for everything for your wedding/family photos.

OK I know that was a little over the top but it is true. I thrive on quality to its highest form. I have gone to conferences; I currently belong to PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada), WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photography Institute), and looking for a few more that will benefit my Studio and my Clients. I’m in this industry because I’m an artist and love what I do because it puts a smile on Peoples faces and fules my mind. The weekend warriors just does it for something to do or to put a few more bucks in their pocket to get that flat screen TV at the big box store.

So what I have learned this past year of being a studio owner? I am no longer a Photographer I’m an Artist/business owner that displays and sells my work with a Camera. With being a one man show I have found my self pushing 14-16 hour days when I could delegate things to web designers, graphic designers, accountant, and do what I need to do more Shoot photos and deal with my clients. Then once that is all done I can spend time with the things that are close to me in life, my wife, my dogs, my family, and friends. This is the hole reason I am working for my self to a some freedom in my life, not to be stuck behind my desk, after studio hours updating my website, doing my books, while the things in life that matter most to me are wondering where I am and when I’m coming home.

So to end this all off find ways to work your business Smarter not harder. It took me a year to figure key things out and most likely I will learn a lot more next year and the year after that. Always keep your eyes open and if you want to do something don’t do it half way. Go all the way get that business space, get that business license, register that name, and quit that 9-5 and do what you love just don’t do it on your free time. I have been doing what I love for the past 3 years now and love everyday no matter how stressful some days can make me feel.

Get out there and do it right, Work Smart not hard, Enjoy the things in your life,


Shutterbug Photography

Owner and Artist with a Camera

Social Media and work (or lack there of)

FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr, some on and so on, These are all great tool to build you web presence and get your name out there. But they take alot of time out of your work day. I know for me I alway ran them in the back ground and worked at the same time.  Alot of the time people spend more time on the Social media sites then actually working. Then find them selves working longer hours not meeting deadlines or just getting things in at the nick of time which leads to stress. I was just recently at a conference that touched base on this subject and with the average Photographer working 70hr a week here is the break down.

Shooting 9hr

Editing 6hr<— crazy (building albums, editing photos for blogs, advertisements ect.)

Photoshop 25hr <—– crazy

Admin 10hr

Social Media 11hr <—— Crazy

Selling 5hr

Mettings 3hr

Marketing 1 hr

Essence of business .75hr

I took a minute and mapped out my work week and its was different but i found same place that new less time and some that need more time.

I hope this helps everyone revamp a few thing.

Work smarter not Harder.


blog on the iphone

well I just found out my blog is easy to us with my iPhone what can my iPhone do next.

Sweat Shop Union in the L-Town

so Last night I was blown way ya i had to site through 2 shitty shitty opening hip hop/ Rap groups to see one of the best hip hop groups ever. I did have my camera but i wanted to enjoy the sow more then shoot. i took a few but haven’t looked if i like them i will post something. All i have to say front and center all L-Town MTBers were repen and it was awesome. After the show talked to a few of the members and all i have to say a great group of guys. now all we need is Atmosphere to come and my hip hop shows will be statement  Speechless just unbelievable.csb_0025_1.jpgcsb_0024_1.jpgcsb_0022_1.jpg