Follow me!

When I head out for adventures I am always with friends. For 2015 I will be doing a follow me project where I will be taking photos of me following my friends. Biking, Hiking, Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and what ever else I might find in the mountains and outdoors.


Stay tuned !

Fall Bike Riding.

Before winter showed it self this year I had a chance to go out with a few Local ride to film a short edit.

I’m hurt and it sucks!

So most of you might know that I broke my collar bone this week. I am doing well and figuring stuff out. What I am bloging about today is that I want to get back behind the camera as soon as I can.


So this is what I am offering. My normal photo session fee is $150 that give you up to 1 hour of creative time with me and my camera and you get a handful of edited images for you to print or do what ever you would like.


For my special I am knocking $50 of me session fee!.

So start booking your Portrait, Couples, or even family sessions to day. I require a 50% non refundable deposit and all photo session will be booked in October/November. These session will help me with the work I have missed and me working on getting my shoulder back in shape.


Email me

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Or call 403-915-5599


-E Transfers

-Visa or MC (5% processing fee will be added for any credit card transaction)




Our Videos hit a new high

2 moths ago i created a short video for Bert & Mac’s Sports to show the new 2014 Trek Remedy 29er bike. Just over 2 months it has hit over 2400 views. If you are looking fro something new to get your business out there  we create awesome videos for a fair price. take a look at the video.


Pricing your Self

I have been asked lately from people starting to take on portrait photography as a paid services. I have been been a paid photographer since 2006. Many people are un clear how to price them selves as photographer.


First are you doing it as a full time job or doing it part or just on your free time.

Full time photographer:

you need to figure out are you going to work from home or run out of a office space/studio space.  Once that is figured out how, much is your rent, utilities, taxes, health care, advertising, website fees, and the list keeps going on and on for all the expense.

Now how much do you want want to make to pay your personal bills, walk around money, savings and so on. I figured out your self would $100/hr and your business then needs to make some money. Once you figure out all your expensis it’s usually works out to be $200-$250/hr or shoot for around $1500 a week.


Part time:

If you have a full time job and looking to shoot some photos to make some money on the side. Take your regulars hourly wage and double or triple it depending on how good of a photographer you are. Then figure out what you can write off in your house register your business so you can benefit from have your own part time business and figure out your city’s bruise sis licenses.  Don’t be cheap you are still doing people a professional service so do a professional job at a professional rate.


I no longer shoot photos full time. Have my Rates changed yes, are they under cutting studios? No. My new clients are now just hiring me and my gear. I don’t have a studio, I have slimed my gear down, and all my expense are less now due to I don’t do this full time. I still have taxes to pay on the money I make, I still have insurance and I still have to keep the gear I own in working order to do the job that I am hired to do. My Hourly rate is anywhere from $25/hr to $100/hr depending on the job and what I am all doing.


Don’t sell your self short. Get paid for a service you are providing. If the person companies about your rate as them to do their job for a fraction of the price. We all need to get paid to live in this world So get paid what your worth.




Curtis and I have been working with novo watches for a bit over a year now here is the new edit we did. Disclaimer not all the footage is ours it was supplied to use from the riders of the novo team. ENJOY!


RedBull Illume

This year I am entering Redbull Illume. It is a world wide photography challenge for action sports. I have a few ideas for some really cool photos my dead line is april 30th 3013 so I have a small window to get some great shots going.

I have 2 life style photos ideas in the works. I will be covering my shoots with my new AEE POV cameras that are now supported of ISO FOTO Studios. Stay tuned for videos and photos.