Moto X in the L-town Click

ok its was really cold inside and i got pit passes again (thanks Dko) but had the good camera gear and got right in there this time. so here are a few Foto’sdsc_4480.jpg   dsc_4575.jpgdsc_4583.jpgdsc_4615.jpgdsc_4620.jpgdsc_4621.jpgdsc_45441.jpg 

Finally Some pics from Cali

finally pulled my RAW files on the laptop to do some work on. here are some photos from California. Melissa and I got to see sea world right before the Malibu fires got to bad. We didn’t get to go see the Santiago Zoo due to the fires and that they relocated all the animals till the fires were taken care of. but it was fun.


img_6139.jpg  img_6148.jpg



Dag ( Stand up Comedian)

We had Dag in the studio today and its always a blast working with him. visit his sit HERE.